Women’s Belts! Why Every Woman Should Wear a Belt!

Why should a woman always consider wearing a belt? Well as we all know a belt always defines a woman’s shape. Ladies a belt makes you look slimmer. We all want to look slimmer. There are many different fabulous styles out this season. Check out why we think belts are an absolute must, and how we recommend you to “Dress it up” a little and accessorize with fun belt fashions!

  1.Belts add colour, define your waist!  Belts can fix the most simplest outfit!

The tie-around belt. Definitely a great way to “dress it up.” Her simple black and whites have gained a little extra colour. Adding a belt in a metallic tone is a great way to add to your everyday wear.

Try: Adding shoes in a similar tone as your belt, or wearing a scarf. For example if you have chosen gold as the photo, now you have a great base colour to start adding earrings, bracelets,  and other accessories.




2.  Wear the same belt in two different ways!

When the weather is a bit cooler outside and you choose to wear a jacket you will have two ways to wear your belt. You can wear it over the jacket, or around the waist of your dress under your jacket.

Try: Choose a colour of belt that will go with a number of your clothes this season. Neutral shades are recommended. If you are still having trouble, choose a colour that is similar to the shoes you most often wear.



3.Celebrities wearing Belts.

Of Course it’s never a bad thing to get ideas from the Celebs! Four different styles of Belts worn in Four fabulous ways. Note Amanda Bynes wearing a very thin belt. Makes a elegant look to her outfit. Although simple, it adds define to her waistline.

Try: Play around with your outfit when you are choosing to accessorize with a belt. Anything goes. Ribbon belts, skinny belts, double belts, and more! There is no limit, just the look you are going for!




4. Fall and Winter 2011-2012 Fashion Designers!

Belts are in style this fall and here is proof. Bright colours, and pompoms!  Great way to accessorize when the weather starts to turn cold.

Try: Mix and match with your outerwear. Gloves, hats, gloves, scarves, pullovers and sweaters are a great way to add colours along with your belt.



5.  Last minute night out formal event! What do I wear?

If it’s one of those days where last minute you have a formal event to attend, or just left buying that new dress too long. Can’t find what you are looking for? Just accessorize with what you already have! Take out your favorite dress and match it with a fun belt.

Try; Bows Flowers, and Sparkles. They tend to look more formal.

6. Build your own Belt Collection

Last but not least try to built your own belt collection. By doing that you will be able to wear your belt in other seasons with a totally new outfit!

Try: Buy belts that are in colour pallets of at least two seasons, and always buy the basic blacks, and neutrals. However it is okay to buy a few fun colours to make a few fashion statements here and there.


Have fun with Fashion! Belts are an awesome way to “Dress it up!” The sky is your limit. Enjoy and show of that feminine waistline of yours. See you out there in your belts ladies!

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