What to Buy Your Best Friend For Her Birthday!

Is your best friends birthday coming soon, and you just don’t know what to get her? No problem! “Dress it Up” has created a list of the hottest gifts you can give your best friend on any occasion! Make your friend feel special on her birthday, buy her some accessories, for a hot price! Top 5 accessory gifts that you can buy your best friend, that won’t break your wallet!

rose fashion ringFashion Rings, and Fashion Rose Rings!

You can never have too many rings. Sometimes you will wear rings to “Dress it Up” on those big nights out with the girls, or for the casual shopping trip with the girls. The rose fashion ring has been a hot seller this season. Make sure your friend is up to date in fashion! Great Birthday present for your best friend, and also a great gift when you just want to show your friend that you appreciate her.

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scarf-gift for your best friend

Cashmere Scarves for Women with Cute Patterns!\

This inexpensive gift is a necessity for every woman. Buy your friend a scarf, and she will for sure find a million ways to wear it, not to mention every time she does wear it she will think of you! A great fashion piece to wear with jeans, and a tee shirt for the casual days, or tuck under a jacket for a splash of colour. Look for patterns and designs. Hearts will always be a safe choice, especially since you are trying to show your best friend how much you appreciate her.





Friendship Necklaces for Your Best Friend!

Best friend bracelets have to be among one of the best gifts that you can buy your best friend. They are timeless, and very personal. You might choose to buy one for all of your friends. Many top brand stores such as links, and pandora have some great styles available. Check out your local boutiques you may be able to find something cute and unique. If you run out of ideas, make your own! Charm bracelets are also a great gift idea. Click Here  for “Dress it Up Charm Bracelet Recommendations.




Cute Wallets for Women

A wallet is a great gift for your best friends birthday because she will always find a use for it. Every girl should have a spare wallet. It is recommended that you have a wallet with all of your cards, but a smaller one for a quick shopping trip, or night out that only carries a few of your id’s. Having two wallets is also a plus because it’s always fun to switch it up a little. Getting bored of your old wallet, but it’s not worn out yet? Well this is a great opportunity to put some colour into it. Buy your friend a colourful wallet, so she can have a little fun. Many sizes are available. Consider buying a smaller size so that it is easy to slip into a gym bag, backpack, or clutch.




necklaces for your best friendsBest Friend Necklaces

A classic gift, yet one of best! Buy your friend a friendship necklace for her birthday, and she will definitely feel just how much you care. You could even go in with your other friends, and buy best friend necklaces for the three or more of you. Go out and celebrate. Best friends don’t come along very often.









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