Stylish Hairclips

Don’t underestimate the importance of hairclips. Hairclips may seem like a small and for the most part a simple accessory, but beware. The hairclip has a lot of power when deciding to “Dress it up” and could add a lot of  personality to your  style.

Fabulous Hairclips You Should Buy NOW!

Pearls, Rhinestones and Hairclips!

The best of all worlds. Definitely a personal favorite of  “Dress it Up.” Classy and sophisticated at the same time. Definitely adds a lot of glamour to any outfit. works great with soft coloured palates, as well as very dark palates. When wearing very dark garments your hair accessories will show up much more. Highly recommended for formal events, and tied back hairstyles. part your hair slightly more to one side and you are set.

Feathers and Hairclips!

Feathers are definitely a big fashion trend this year. Hairclips are a great way to accessorize. Match them with your favorite feather earrings, or wear them just by them self.

Great way to try something new when deciding to go to a last minute cocktail party! Can be worn with a number of different hairstyles. It is recommended though that you wear your hair down, and natural looking. Let the feathers do the work!

Simply rhinestones and Hairclips!

For a special event hairstyle you should consider rhinestone hairclips. They are easily moveable, so you can find the desired location for your hairclip. Great way to “Dress up” your formal look.

You may decide to wear one large piece, or many small clips.For a very elegant look, choose a number of small hairclips, or play with different sizes.

Flowers and Hairclips!

A flower hairclip style like this one brings a lot of life and colour to your ensemble. Great when wearing neutrals, whites or blacks. Definitely a summery look, but you could experiment to find a flower that works with the season. In winter try poinsettia patterns.When buying flower hairclips look for different fabrics and materials for exmaple try ribbons, silks, and satins.

Celebs and Hairclip fashions!

Yes! That is right the celebrities are wearing hairclips, with the most popular hairstyle to match. Here is Natalie Portman wearing a fashionable hairclip, a large rhinestone accent piece in her hair. Looks great with her wavy and natural looking hairstyle.

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