Silver Necklaces Styles for Spring 2012

Wearing a silver necklace is always a fashionable choice. Start the spring season with charm, and find a silver necklace that is right for you. Here are the most popular styles up-to date. Sterling silver necklaces, now available for great prices. Buy a sterling silver necklace now!                                                                                                                                                         

The Starfish Necklace

This year it’s all about the beach! Fish, starfish, sandals, flowers and more! Companies such as Tiffany’s and many other  have been producing different sizes of silver beach theme necklaces. Silver pendants and chains can be super affordable! This necklace can be worn with a number of different outfits and different styles. The starfish necklace can also be worn along with other jewelry depending on the size you choose to buy. Make sure you don’t miss out on this must-have this season!





sterling-sliver-heartThe Silver Heart Necklace

You can never have too many silver heart necklaces. The double heart is among one of the hottest sellers next to the Heart-lock necklace. Find a heart shaped necklace in a size and style that is right for you. Choose rhinestones, coloured stones, and even a mix of gold and silver. Many heart shaped necklaces also come in sets.






lock-necklace-heart shapeThe Heart-Lock Necklace

This necklace is among the top-sellers for the past couple months! If you don’t already have one, you need to get one! Many women are getting their necklaces engraved. Many styles shapes and sizes are available. Look for affordable silver, and silver plated heart lock necklaces. Be trendy!










silver-key-necklaceSterling Silver Key Necklace

The silver key necklace has been so popular over the last couple months, that it is becoming a staple in every women’s accessory must haves. If you don’t already have a key necklace you need to get one! And if you do already have one, you can always get more. Mix and match sizes, and colours. Look for styles with rhinestones, or different designs, and of course you can always mix it up with silver lock necklaces. The two compliment  each other very well, and you have the choice to put two necklaces on the same chain, or have two chains at different lengths! Have fun!





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