Scrunchies….are they back!?

Scrunchies! One of the easiest ways to tie back your hair, with no worries. Are they really in style. It seems that scrunchies are back! But only some styles. Be Careful, or your fashion choices, could be an absolute fashion don’t. Here are some style do’s and don’ts when it comes to scrunchies.

You can never go wrong with scrunchies. Unlike ponytails, scrunchies tie fairly loose around the hair, which creates less pulling. It is a good idea to give you hair a break once in a while.

Scrunchies Colours and How many!?

It’s true that there are many colours to choose from when you are deciding to wear a scrunchie, however neons and brights are a bit 80′s. Unless you are choosing to take a trip to the gym, “Dress it up” accessories recommends you to wear blacks, whites, neutrals, and medium tone colours.

One scrunchie at a time is usually sufficient, unless you are going for the cheerleader look.




High Pony-tail Scrunchie!

Great for the cute afternoon look. No stress with the hairstyle, but tie the hair up with a scrunchie. Beware, big scrunchies are a bit out of date. Don’t over do it!

If you choose scrunchie hairstyle match it carefully with your outfit. This style is very useful when you get sick of  wearing the same everyday hairstyles, but don’t want to spend an hour creating a new look.

Only have an hour to get to out to an afternoon movie at the cinema? No worries. Time to pull out those scrunchies!





Side Pony Scrunchie!

Cute look for the less serious environment. Great saturday afternoon shopping, or casually meeting up with some old friends.

This style adds a lot of spunk to your style, and gives you room to try different colours and patterns. Wear tops that are one colour, so that you try scrunchies with patterns, and fun colour combinations.




Celebrities and Scrunchies!

Catherine Zeta Jones was spotted wearing a scrunchie! Although scrunchies are not the most popular style out this season, they are still in style. Scrunchies are a great way to create a relaxed laid back look. Strolling out for the afternoon? Say yes to the Scrunchies!







Textured Scrunchies!

Step outside of the box with fashion. Experiment with your look, and try fun scrunchie fashions. Textured scrunchies with rhinestones, beads, ribbons, more.

Textured scrunchies are the more formal look of fashionable scrunchies this year. One scrunchie at a time ladies. More than one gets a little busy. Don’t be a fashion Don’t!





High Fashion Scrunchies!

Scrunchies are also on the runways. Mix your textured scrunchies into a tight bun hairstyle. Choose a desired colour that works for you. Pastels, and neutrals work best. For a bit of fun try to match your eyeshadow with your scrunchie. Add a slight splash of pastel into your makeup pallet.







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