Rhinestone Earrings…Make yourself Sparkle

Rhinestone earrings! Don’t estimate the simplistic earrings. Rhinestones are classic. You can never go wrong with a classic. With the holiday season coming up consider wearing rhinestone earrings. You may choose to wear them to that upcoming formal event, or just feel making yourself sparkle a little this week! Why not?

This year add a little colour into the holiday season. Of course there is the classic diamond style rhinestones,but why not play around a little.  Purples, blues and shades of Champagne are in this year.

Should I choose hanging or dangly earrings?

Dangly Earrings, and long hanging earrings are one style earrings you may consider. They will show up more if you wear a lot of long hair styles, and usually show up more if you want your accessories to be noticed. For this year’s formal event they are an absolute must!

Rockin’ the Studs!

Studs are a basic! Every woman should own a few pairs. You can find them fairly inexpensive, and they are so versatile you are able to wear them in a number of ways.  Studs look great with your hair pulled back. Stud earrings are an awesome choice when you are deciding to wear a fancy up-do hairstyle. Sometimes the larger, and more glamorous earrings take away from your outfit, or do not go well with your hairstyle. Play it safe with the studs!




Studs with style!

Studs don’t have to be quote on quote simple. Try styles with a bit of glamour. There are many designs to choose from. Bows, and animals are big sellers this year. A great way to add detail to your “Dress it up” style.  Find colours that work with your wardrobe and go for it.!



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