Pearl Necklaces! Introducing the Power of Pearls!

Pearls are one of the most classic jewelry, but by far one of the most useful. You can wear pearls with absolutely anything. Whether you want simple and chic, classy and classic, or extravagant and outrageous, Pearls are for you! Pearls don’t have to be the ordinary one string beaded necklace, you can play around and “Dress it up” a little. Pearls give a women power. Now for “Dress it up” fashion recommendations when creating your own style.

Fashion Recommendations for Peal Necklaces

1. wear more than one pearl necklace, or find a very lengthy pearl necklace and wrap it around your neck a number of times.

This style creates a classic look, but makes you have a stunning appearance with style. Wear your pearl necklace with a black dress and you will look to kill! If you choose a flashy peal fashion such as this, make sure you match your peal necklace with a set of studs. If you big, or colourful earrings, your outfit can look busy. Keep it simple, and avoid wearing too many patterns.




2. Choose a Pearl Necklace with a “Dress it up” style of its own. Ribbons and rhinestones are very popular this year.

Again with a fashion like this there is quite a bit going on as far as accessories go. Try to choose earrings that are studs, or very simple. Depending on the colour of the ribbon in your necklace, choose attire that is on the simple side. A busy outfit will never look fashionable.




3. If bows and ribbons are simply not your style try using different sizes of pearls. Different lengths of pearls will also help add depth to accessorizing style.

Remember pearls can be sexy too. By using different sizes you are giving yourself a vibe that you have a little edge. Dressy styles are often recommended when wearing pearls, but with this fashion you have a little more room to experiment. Wear your pearls with jeans! A great way to “Dress it up” when you decide you want to wear your regular everyday attire.



4. As well as having seperate necklaces or one long pearl necklace wrapped around many times there are other fun styles out. Try a pearl necklace with many beads connected close together,  and look at styles with ribbon ties.

This style is very formal, but is still versatile. You can wear it to your cousin’s wedding, or with your office attire to work. Put this necklace on for a meeting, and you are sure to have success!



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