Lace Clutches! The Sexy yet Classy Way to “Dress it Up”

Clutches are among one of the biggest needs when it comes to evening wear. If you choose your clutch carefully you will be able to make use of your clutch along with your evening attire, but also during the day. Find a clutch that is right for you. What are this year’s must haves when it comes to clutches? Check out what “Dress it” finds to be “What’s Hot NOW!” Here is your guide to this season’s must have clutches!

Sexy Lace Clutches

This clutch will add some spunk to your evening look! The lace give you a vibe of sexy and classy at the same time. Lace is everywhere this year! Why not include lace in your evening accessories. This piece is a statement in itself. Try matching the purse with a black dress and pearls, for a romantic dinner date. For a bit more colour try wearing your lace clutch with a red dress.This clutch also works great with a pair of jeans. Wear it when you go for lunch with a friend, or to the club! Have fun when accessorizing! Match this clutch with some rhinestone diamond jewelry.




Lace Clutches With Lace Frills

Not just any lace clutch. Here is a new style spotted by “Dress it up.” This tiered lace style is unique from other lace bags this season. Switch it up. You may want to own more than one bag in similar styles. If you wear the same clothes often, change around your accessories, and you will create a new look quick and easy!





Lace Clutch with a Bow

This timeless piece is among one of the most feminine of “Dress it up” picks for this year’s must haves. Although this bag is best if used for a formal event. It adds a lot to your overall style. This statement piece will be noticed! Everyone will be asking you where you got your fabulous lace clutch.




Lace Clutches with Colour

Although the classic lace clutches this season are white, and black, there are a lot of other colours you can choose from. This season choose from vibrant pinks, and royal blues, and purples. Nothing wrong with adding a bit of colour when showing off your classy yet sexy style.





Make it Yourself  Clutches

You can create a lace clutch fashion all of your own! Find a makeup bag, purse, or wallet that you desire, and either glue-gun, or sew a doily, or lace on it! This way you are sure to have a clutch that nobody else has, that is specifically personallized to fit you. Put your creative side to work. Show your friends just how great your fashion sense is.

Tip: Make one for your best friend’s Birthday.