Inside a Woman’s Purse The purse wallet and more!

Ever feel like your purse is complicating your life? The inside of your purse gets clutter and crowded and you feel like your life needs to be just a little more organized? Sometimes it is!

With the purchase of a few new accessories, and a few tricks on organization you can have a functional purse during the day, and the option to minimize for the night out.

Here are five tips to help you have a functional purse and make your life just that much easier.

1. Get rid of what is not necessary.

Sometimes we feel the need that we need absolutely everything in our purse, but the truth is we don’t. By minimizing you will know exactly what is inside your purse, and you won’t have the extra clutter!

2. Purchase a purse wallet.

Find a size, colour, and style that suits your needs. If you don’t need your regular full wallet with every credit card with you then don’t bring it. It creates too much bulk in your purse. Leave those big wallets at home! If you choose a purse wallet with a zipper compartment, or a built in wallet inside you could also put other items that may be flying around inside your purse in your purse wallet.



3.Purchase a functional keychain.

One that has a clip so you can attach it to the inside of the purse, but small enough so you are not lugging around a million keys your don’t need. Check your local accessory store for cute key chains!


4. Instead of a big umbrella purchase a small portable one.

Be chic and fashionable even in the rain! Umbrellas are available in many different sizes and colours. Try to find an umbrella that has a case to prevent the inside of your purse getting wet when you decide to put it away, and keeps the umbrella at its original size. By choosing a small umbrella that you can tuck away you will avoid having to carry a big one, as well as the chance of you leaving it behind.



 5. The Clutch!

The clutch could be considered to be one of the most important. They are by far the most versatile. A clutch can be doubled as a wallet, and you could put all your makeup inside. Again remember to downsize. You do not need your entire makeup collection inside, just a touch up kit. All you need is a lipgloss, and mascara. When the work day is over, and you have a staff get together, have to meet a friend, or go out on that hot day, you are all set to go! Put a credit card inside and you are set!


With these accessories you will be a functioning women with all the goods you need to get through the day and continue into the evening. Remember to stay organized by minimizing. You don’t need everything in your purse. Bring the necessities!

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