Hot Necklace Must Haves!

Accessorizing with Jewelry this spring and summer? Start with necklaces! Great necklace must haves available for great prices! Check out our selection today! Dress it Up Accessories has took some time to select the hottest styles this spring and summer, and we now have these trends in stock! Here is our top 3 hottest styles. Silver necklaces, key necklaces, flower necklaces, hearts, colours and much more!

The Key Necklace!

The key necklace has been on top for the last two seasons, and continues to stay. Many brands are creating their own version of the key necklace. Check out three styles of key necklaces carried at Dress it Up Accessories. Prices vary from $9.99- $14.99.

This very elegant silver key necklace looks great with just about anything. The rhinestones on the necklace give the necklace a much more finished look. This sterling silver necklace is timeless. Look for key necklaces with rhinestones!





Gold Necklaces

If silver is not really your favorite, or you just find that gold just matches your skin tone better, gold necklaces might be the way to go. Dress it Up Accessories carries 4 gold necklaces, two of which have other colours mixed in. Play around and find a style that is for you.  We highly recommed you try to find a heart necklace since right up there with key necklaces, hearts are still a hot seller! Gold Heart Necklaces


This gold heart necklace, again like many styles we carry is a timeless piece. You can wear it with many different outfits. Rhinestones definitely add personality to the piece. We have two styles of gold heart necklaces available, but this one is a personal favorite of the dress it up team because of its versatility. This gold heart necklace is suitable for many occassions whether it is on casual, or a little more formal. This necklace also makes a great gift with a great price of only $12.99.




Flower Necklaces, and Fun Coloured Necklaces

Can’t choose whether you want to wear a gold necklace, or a silver one? Check out styles with a bit of colour. Other than rhinestones, there is often designs that have beads, painted metal, and much more. Flower necklaces are also a hot seller this season. Summer is about sunshine, so why not add the colour that goes with it. Let the bright colours, compliment that tan colour that everyone seems to get when the hot weather comes along.

Flower necklaceThese long length flower necklaces are a great buy because they can be layered well with other jewelry pieces. This season it’s about that splash of colour as well as colour blocking. The designers are highly inspired by 1960′s fashion this year, and the flower necklaces fit right into the theme! Be in style! These necklaces are modeled after high end jewelry designers, with a whole new theme, at an afordable price. Check out the flower necklaces at dress it up accessories available in 4 colours.