Headband Fashion! The Best of Headbands

Headbands are one of the best ways to accessorize! ” Dress it up” a little with a fashionable headband.

Flowers and Headbands

Flowers always give your outfit a formal and more feminine look. Great for almost all seasons. In the spring and fall choose colours that are more neutral. They will create a nice soft look, and avoid being out of season. Bright colours are recommended in the summer months when the weather is hot, and the flowers are all in full bloom! Great idea if you have a wedding to go to and are looking for ways to “Dress it up” and accessorize!

For the Holiday events coming up choose shades of red and black. These shades go well in the winter palate.


Sequins and Headbands

These winter colours are great for the holiday season. The sequins give a dressy look, but you are able to wear them with casual attire. Looks great when you just don’t know what to do with your hair. With this style of headband you could easily wear your headband with a simple hairstyle (wavy, or straight.)

Sometimes wearing clothing with sequins can seem a bit risky, but a little in your hair why not!? It’s also a great way to be that much more versitile. Wear your headband to work, and still look great when you have a formal meeting after being in the office all day.


Rhinestones and Headbands

If you are a girly girl. This style is definitely the one for you. Whether you choose a colourful headband with a rhinestone design, or a headband covered in rhinestones. Rock those rhinestones.


If you choose a headband that is not too thick you can easily wear if with just about any hairstyle.  Straight and down, or loosly tied back in a pony tail are in style this season. This will give you a casual look and ” Dress it up” a little! Match it with your shoes, belt, or scarf and you are ready to go.


Live on  Rhinestones!

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