Handbags! Your Guide to “In” Purse Styles

Casual and Chic Handbags

It’s all about the zippers! Although this style of handbag may look simple, it has a sophisticated feel to it. Great choice of handbag when you have an important meeting to attend. You could double this bag as a briefcase. It is big enough to hold a file folder, a laptop, or an ipad. The zipper pockets in the front add character, and convenience at the same time. You can easily slip a lipgloss, and a pack of gum, or even a small convenient wallet in the zipper pockets of the bag.




Metallic Handbags!


That’s right ladies this year it’s all about the metallics. This year all the designers are following the metallic trend. Sequins, metals, rhinestones, and more! Metallic accessories, especially tri-coloured handbags, make it easier when looking to match earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. “Dress up your outfit with a belt that matches your handbag, and you will be totally stylin’!






Handbags with Frills!

Many designers have tried to imitate the traditional handbag with frills,ruffles and a layered flower look. Definitely a frequent style find on the cat walk this season. Gives a flirty look to your everyday outfit, and the option to play with colour! Try to wear clothing in dark shades, and then throw a handbag in with a lot of colour. Examples: Bright royal blues, reds, and purples!

This style has versatility to it ! You may choose to wear your handbag for a night out with the girls, or use it as a way to “Dress it up” when you just wanna keep it simple with jeans and a t-shirt.  Go Ruffles go!



Celebs Wearing Metallic Handbags with Bows!

Dress up the metallic handbag look with a Metallic handbag with bows! Celebs have been wearing metallic handbag styles all year. Get in on the fashion must haves, and splurge on a metallic handbag for yourself!





Black and White Handbags!

The two most simplest of colours, come together and bring you an absolutely fabulous handbag! This bag will go with absolutely everything in your closet. You can wear it dressy or casual, and the sequences give the bag a glamorous look for any style you choose!






Lock and Key Handbag

You can never go wrong with a classic “Lock and Key” handbag, very well known as the “Hamilton” style bag this year. This functional handbag has a number of compartments inside, and gives you a professional look when you have to meet up for an important meeting. Although it is a little plain for a cocktail meeting with the girls, it is no crime to wear this bag after work hours. This bag is a must have this season! Don’t miss out!

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