Hair Accessories! The Hair Barrettes Take over!

When it comes to hair accessories, barrettes are a great way to improve your hairstyle, and over all style! With a range of styles at a reasonable price, how could you go wrong? Improve those hairstyles in a trendy way and buy yourself some hair barrettes. Latest hair barrette styles NOW!

Hair Barrettes with Feathers

Feathers are this year’s biggest fashion trend!Why not take advantage and wear feathered hair barrettes as well! Peacock feathers are great because they go well with brights, as well as neutrals, and blacks. This style is highly recommended when choosing a simple hairstyle. With almost not work at all you are showing off your sense of style in a completely new way. Go out and buy some feather barrettes!





Hair Barrettes with your “Bun” Hairstyle

A classic hairstyle now improved with a hair Barrette. The barrette was chosen well, as the colours in the barrette are similar to her hair colour, but add a bit of highlight. This style works well for a number of occasions! For a more casual look, make the bun fairly loose, and for a formal look create a tight bun. (Use hairspray to keep the loose hairs back if you have to.)  You don’t have to choose neutrals. If you would like to create a more noticeable hairstyle you might want to try barettes with brighter coloured of rhinestones, bows, or ribbons.  Have fun, experiment, and look fabulous!





Celebrities are wearing Hair Barettes

Here are two examples of celebrities being spotted wearing hair barrettes. Both barrette styles can be categorized as dressy fashions. Just as simple as wearing a hair barrette to “Dress it up” on a casual day, you can use a hair barrette to “Dress it up” for those special events and occasions. It is recommended this season that you keep it simple and wear your hair as natural looking as you can. Put a light wave in your hair, or use your natural curls if you have.  Keep it easy! Use a hair Barrette and you are ready to go.





Fabulously Fun Hair Barrettes

You can never go wrong adding a few extra rhinestones to your outfit. Hair Barrettes are a great way to effortlessly add glamor to your style. Find a rhinestone hair barrette that best suits you. Try different themes such as butterflies, flowers, or just simply rhinestone barrettes with different coloured stones. An easy way to “Dress it up” on simple everyday activities like meeting your friend at the mall, going to a movie, or attending a class at school. Show your style without being too flashy! Splurge on some hair barrettes!


New Ways to “Dress up” Your Hairstyle with Hair Barrettes

Not only can you wear a hairclip in your hair to accentuate your hair parts, but you can create your own top knot styles. Why use a hair barrette and not a pony tail? Hair Barrettes pull a lot less than a pony tail, so it gives your hair a break. Pulling too many strands is never a good thing. Find the colours and shape you desire, and create a fine part on the top of your head and hold it back with a hair barrette.  This style looks great and works well on days where you just don’t have a lot of time. For Best results leave your hair as natural looking as you can. Natural hairstyles are in this year!



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