Friendship Rings!

Already have friendship necklaces with a few of your friends? No problem! Try something new and buy friendship rings for you and your friends. The styles are endless, and can be a lot of fun. Here’s where “dress it up” thinks you should start. Check out the hottest friendship ring styles today!

friend-ringsBest friend Rings for all your friends!

Start with choosing something you all have in common. A favorite colour, or trend, or memory. Like most women we all have our differences, but you will always have your rings! Since you are buying your ring for all your friends, or maybe you decided to all buy your own keep them simple. Trying to make every woman happy will never happen! Find a common ground and compromise. This is a great idea for wedding parties, high school proms, or graduation. A fun way make your sentimental moments that much more special.





Just you and Your Bestie!

If your one of those girls who has just one friend that means more to you than anything else this style is for you.A great way to show your friend just how much she means to you in a unique way. If hearts are not your thing choose other shapes, and styles. Rhinestones always brighten things up, especially if she is a girly girl. Have some fun!






frienship-nekclace-ringsBest Friend Rings for the Social Butterfly!

For the social butterflies out there this style is totally for you. Just can’t decide which girlfriend of yours is your all time bestie? No problem. Choose a ring that represents your best friends, and put them on a nice chain necklace. You can choose to go simple, and buy rings that are plain silver and gold, or choose more elaborate designs and colours to represent the different personalities of your besties!






frienship-ring-cupcakesFun and Girly Friendship Rings

Ever Feel like you wish things were just like the old days when you were young? Well this is your chance. You may not want to wear your ring to an important work meeting, but on the weekend? why not!? Who doesn’t like to splurge on cupcakes on a rough day! We all do! Add some fun into your everyday life, and buy some fun and girly friendship rings.

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