Friends Forever! Fabulous Friendship Necklaces

Everyone has a best friend. Show your best friend just how much she means to you. “Dress it up” found some fabulous friendship necklace finds. Check out some styles everyone will love. Wondering what to give your best friend for her birthday? This is your chance. Here are the latest Friendship Necklaces.

Hamburgers and Hotdogs!

Show your best friend you care in the cutest way, and make her smile. How can’t you smile with such a cute gift. cherish your memories as a teen when you went for a quick hamburger lunch with your bestie, or grabbed a hotdog on the go.



Friendship Charms

Choose a prefered necklace chain. You may consider choosing many skinny chains, to give a layered look. One you’ve decided on a chain, carefully decide on what symbols remind you of your best friend, and buy some charms to go on her necklaces. Charm necklaces are really in, and every time she wears it she will think of you.  Treat your best friend!




Your two Besties!

How do you choose which friend is truly your best? You don’t have to. You can give two of your friends a necklace. Go out with the girls and give them a little appreciation. Peanut Butter and Jam! Are you the grape Jelly, or the Strawberry Jam!? Spark up your favorite childhood memories of picnics in the park and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.





The Same Necklace!

Can’t find a friendship necklace that suits your style? No problem! Find something you and your bestie both have in common, and go with it. You can choose your favorite animal, food, or shape. You options are limitless. Whenever you wear your necklace you will think of your friend.





Make it yourself!

Theres nothing more fabulous than making it yourself. Show your best friend how crafty you are. A homemade gift always shows how much you care.

Choose a style of chain that best suits your friend! Then choose a puzzle with a lot of colours. (Since puzzles often have a lot of pieces you could make a necklace for all of your friends!) Holepunch a hole in each puzzle piece and pull the chain through!


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