Feather Earrings and Celebrity Fashion!

Feather earrings have been one of the largest trends in 2011, and staying for the 2012 season. We took a look at how the celebs are wearing the feather earrings, and found some great styles that everyone should see. Check out Celebrity Feather Earring Fashions NOW! Click here for Fashionable Feather Earrings.

Paris Hilton Wearing Feather Earrings

Paris Hiliton pulls this bold feather earring fashion off very well. She decided to wear a unique style of feather earrings with feathers stringed on a silver chain! Well done Paris! We love your feather earring fashion. As seen in the photo we love how she matched her feather earrings with a neutral shade of sunglasses. They compliment the colour of her hair very well! Recommended to wear your long feather earrings with a pair of your favorite jeans!



feather earrings celebsVanessa Hudgens Wearing Feather Earrings

Well done Vanessa Hudgens with a layered feather earring style. Could be well matched with everything. Goes well with leggings, and dark colours. She decided to wear her feather earrings as their own fashion statement piece. The aqua colour will add personality to any outfit combination you can come up with. Definitely a must have item when it comes to feather fashion. Choose feather earrings that have a number of different lengths of feathers, as well as a bit of colour to help inhance your style!





Miley Cyrus Wearing Feather Earrings

Miley Cyrus, again chose earrings that go well with her hair colour. The accents of black feathers make her feathers show up a little better without being as bold, with a bright colour. perfect for wearing the everyday basics, like a white tee and pair of your fave jeans, however because she stuck with the neutrals, you could also wear a basic black dress, or even a black, or charcoal sequin top for a hot night out. As seen in the photo, you may also choose to explore feather hair pieces!






Feather earrings on celebritiesGwyneth Paltrow Wearing Feather Earrings

For those girls wanting a sexy look for a night out. Gwyneth Paltrow has the style for you! No need for neutrals, just throw on your fave black dress, or for a super irresistible look pick up a hot pantsuit. None the less a bright colour feather earring is a must have for a trendy night out. Also match your bright coloured feather earrings with a low cut shirt in shades of black, charcoal, or sequins.

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