Fashionable Feathers

Get into Fall Fashion! Feather Earrings!

The Biggest trend for this Fall’s fashion are feather earrings. Many celeb’s have been spotted wearing feather earrings this season!

Fun way to dress up your fall fashion outfit , just add feathers! Feather earrings. Many colours and styles are available bright colours, neutrals, and a number of lengths.


3 Reasons Why you Should wear Feather Earrings this Season

1. Adds colour to the simplist of outfits.

No worries when you want to wear the everyday jeans, and a cofortable tank, or t-shirt. Just “Dress it up” with some earring feather fashions.  If you choose to stick to the basics as far as your attire goes try earrings with more vibrant colours. Deep reds, purples, and teal shades will brighten your look right up.






Celebs with feather earrings

2.The celebs are wearing feather earring fashions.

When it comes to always having up to date fashions we keep an eye on the celebrities. Here you see Gwyneth Paltrow wearing feather earrings. The hot pink feather earrings are a perfect match for her simple black top.







3. They look fabulous and are available in a number of shapes and colours. Hoops, long, short, and dangly!

When wearing your hair up, or tied back in a pony tail hoop feathers are a great match.

Splurge on some Fabulous Feathers this season one of the most popular fashions this season! Try some new styles, and search for some unique fashion feathers for you to ” Dress it up!”

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