Fashion Scarves for Spring!

Scarves are a traditional and classy way to “dress it up!” They are totally in style this season. Don’t miss out on the fashion trends this season, and shop for a fashion scarf. Many shapes, sizes, materials, and patterns are available. Where to start!? Dress it up has made a simple style guide to help you out. Check it out now!

Silk Scarves

You may choose a small, or square size silk scarf. This style adds a classy touch to almost anything you wear. A great way to dress up your work attire, or go to an important meeting. With the 1960′s style popping up in all this years trends, the silk scarf feminine, and classy look is a definite must have for this season.








Celebrities and Scarf Fashion

Celebrities have been spotted in scarves this season. Check out Katie Holmes with her black and white polka dot patterned scarf. Scarves are not only for dress wear we learn especially after checking out the celebrity fashion this spring. Have fun adding a fun touch to your casual wear too ladies. Put on your jeans, and still rock those scarves.







scarf fashion trendsScarves on the Fashion Runways!

Yes ladies there are scarves on the fashion runways this season. Both bright colours, along with the neutrals! Whether you decide to wear your scarf in your hair on your head, or as a headband you are totally taking advantage of the 1960′s trends! Spring 2012 has so many trends you just cannot miss out on! Check out the pastels this season. Both beige and pastel greys have been popular for the spring and summer colour pallet. Have fun, and splash a little colour here and there with colours such as yellow, pink, coral, orange and light blue.


how to tie-a-scarf

Tying your Scarf

There is no right or wrong way to wear your scarf. You can choose to wear a long scarf, a short one, or any length in between, but one thing is for sure, scarves do dress up your style. Scarves can make just about any outfit that much more fun. Have fun shopping for scarves, a buy a variety so you can mix and match your scarves with your wardrobe, and you can be sure that you will be in style this season!


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