Charm Bracelets….add your personal style one charm at a time!

Charm bracelets are a great way for you to express your personality. Accessorizing with charms can be a lot of fun, because the charms you choose are all about you! “Dress it up” has chosen some hot styles that everyone should have! Take a peek at our charm bracelet must haves!

Charms with themes

You may choose to own many charm bracelets since they are a great way to communicate your mood in the most subtle ways. In this case we chose a cake and desert theme. What girl doesn’t like to cheat once in a while and eat candy cupcakes, deserts, lollipop, and all the fun things we like to eat. Great for summer, however you may choose an animal or season theme. Find a topic that best suits you and start there. You can never have too many charm bracelets start charm shopping!




Big on Charms!

If you can’t choose which charms are right for you, and you are “Big on charms” this style is for you! The wide three stranded bracelet strap gives you the option of attaching many charms all at the same time. You may choose to wear the bracelet with only a few charms when you feel like a less flashy look.  Everyone will be admiring your charms and bracelet. If you want to be noticed this style will be your must have!





Simple and Chic Charms!

This style, one of the most classic of charm bracelets is among one of the hottest sellers for 2011, and 2012 season! This style has a lot of versatility since you can wear it all on its own, with you initial letter on a “charming” lock, or add more charms when you feel like you want to “dress it up” a little!





Silver and Elegant Charms

Choosing charms yourself a bit of a trial? That’s okay because you can buy a charm bracelet with all of the charms chosen for you! This style is great for all occasions even the formal outings. Choosing a colour theme can also work in your favor. Just as “dress it up” has chosen a silver colour theme with highlights of peal. This bracelet is easy to match with any wardrobe, and is great for any season! This style is a personal favorite of “Dress it up” for it’s simple and elegant style all of it’s own.




Bead and Charm combo!

This charm bracelet style  another hot seller this season. You can have fun with colour and charms at the same time. You can choose to stick to one colour, or have fun, and use many colours. The beads a great because, you can easily switch your bracelet around for different combinations, or replace some beads for other beads. Bead style bracelets are available in many different brands. Shop around. Find a price range and store that best suits you.

Happy Bracelet Shopping!


Many uses for the Charms!

Charm bracelets come in many styles. Find a style that is right for you. Not only will you be able to use your charms on your bracelet, but you can attach them to your purse, your car keys, necklaces, and you name it.  Go for the charms! Have fun, and “Dress it up” with charms.


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