Bracelets! Big on Bangles

Bangles come in many different sizes, shapes, styles, and colours. How can I choose which style is for me? Although it might be a challenge “Dress it up” has come up with a style guide of the most popular styles to show you what’s in.


Big and Bold Bangles

An absolute must. It only takes one Big and Bold bangle to show of your style sense. One accent piece can bring a lot of personality to your overall look.  Depending on the colour you choose you can wear your bangle with a number of different outfits. These bangles are great because you can wear them on a saturday afternoon at the mall, or to a special event, as a statement piece. Have some fun “Dress it up with a Big and Bold Bangle!


Classy and Chic Bangles!

If you have to go for a really formal event this bangle can show off your classy sense of style in one’s of this year’s hottest fashion picks! This style can easily be worn with a fancy dress, along with your sexiest jeans, for a more dressy casual look, or even along with your office attire.


Totally Glamorous Bangles!

If you really want a statement piece this style is for you. Definitely adds a lot of sparkle to your look. Rock your princess style, or just want to be noticed. Choose your occasion wisely. This bracelet could be a little too dressy to just go shopping, or have lunch on a Saturday afternoon. However if you have a special occassion to attend, and are looking for the oportunity for every girl to ask you, “where did you get your bracelet?” or, “I just love your bracelet”  This style is definitely for you!


Celebrities Wearing Bangles

The Celebrities are wearing bangles this season. Check out a fave “Dress  it up” celeb inspired bangle style. Jennifer Lopez rocks a sexy look wearing a group of bangles on her arm. The combination of different silvers, and charcoal coloured bangles compliment her black and white shirt very well.  Great casual ensemble for a great everyday look. Silver always looks great with a black and white combo. Way to go JLO! We like your “Dress it up” style, and the Bangles look great!





Fun and Flirty Bangles

Colour always adds a fun flavour to your style. Not only is it fun to play around with a bit of colour, but also shows other just how fun you really are. For the most part a majority of our clothing is casual. Let’s face it, we wear casual ninety percent of the time. Having some fun colour in your fashion will give a little variety to your everyday wear. You may choose to wear many bangles, or just a few depending on what you prefer. These bangles will rock your style even when you decide it’s one of those t-shirt and jeans kind of days.  Show the fun and flirty you!


Mix and Match Bangles

Have fun, but also experiment. Try combining different bracelet combinations. Big bangles, pearl bracelets, charm bracelets, and anything you can think of. If you are an accessories queen this style is for you. Try to keep your outfit on the simple side so you have room to play with your accessories. Who said peal bracelets and bangles don’t go together?



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