Bow Headbands…Latest Headband Fashions!

Bow Headbands are a great way to dress up your style. Check out’ Dress it up’s” latest style finds for Headbands with bows. “Dress it up” with a Headband bow, and you will for sure the “it” girl walking down the street when it comes to fashion! Headbands with bows are one of this year’s hottest sellers when it comes to hair accessories. Bow Headbands…a fashion trend you cannot miss out on.

Hot Headbands with Bows Pick #1

This bow headband shows a great sense of style. This headband is great because it has scarf style to it. A fun way to dress up your outfits without wearing a scarf! Great style since the ribbons are available in a number of colours, and are easy to mix and match. Perfect for days when you want to add a little colour, and personality to your everyday casual look.  Perfect with Jeans! It is recommended you match your headband with a pearl necklace. Click here for “Dress it up”  Pearl necklace fashions and style guides.






Hot Headbands with Bows Pick #2

Big and bold bow headbands! For the girls who are not afraid to be noticed. For those fashion trend setters, this style is for you. Wear it with attitude, this bow headband is definitely a statement piece. For more formal events wear silk, satin, and one coloured headband bows. For everyday casual, and chic looks wear a patterned headband. Go big and go bold! Your headband bow can never be too big!






headband with a bowHot Headbands with Bows Pick#3

If big and bold headband bows are a little too much for you, there is still a headband bow style for you! Try a thin bow. They are available as an elastic form, or as a traditional headband. This style is great because it is subtle, yet chic. Great for everyday, and works well when you just want to keep your hairback. This headband bow style is great for ponytail hairstyles as well.







Hot Headbands with Bows Pick #4

Can’t decide which headband bow you want to wear today? No problem! Pick two. Double up you headbands with bows. Metallics are this year’s trendy colours. Buy headbands with shades of gold, bronze, and silver. A great hair accessory to spice it up for a fun girl’s night out.






Hot Headbands With Bows Pick #5

Most headbands have bows on the side. Try something different when you decide to “Dress it up.” Bow on top? Why not.  Silk and Satin fabrics create a formal look, and is great when you have a last minute outing your best friend just invited to you. What about your hair? Leave your hair natural and just add a headband. Quick easy and fun!






Hot Headbands with Bows Pick #6

Last but not least ‘Dress it up’s” last headband with a bow pick number six! Looking for fun outterwear too? This knit headband will be great to keep you ears warm in the winter and still be in style. Vibrant colours are great because they add colour to black and neutral jackets. Stay warm in style!





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