Bangles with Rhinestones

You can never have too many bangles. Bangles with rhinestones are a must have bracelet style for every woman. They are versatile with a number of outfits, and you can wear them for the most classy outing, or the most casual! Here are some basic guidelines, and style recommendations when buying rhinestone bangles.

bangles with rhinestoneMedium sized Bangles with Rhinestones

This style of bangle is the most popular, and among the most versatile of bracelets. Feel Fabulous! Because they are available in many colours it is recommend that you buy more than one. Choose colours you wear most often. If you are one those girls who often wears black choose some brighter shades for accent pieces, and to add a bit of colour. If you’re still having trouble choosing colours, go basic and pick the metallic shades (gold, silver, and bronze.) Mix it up a little and wear a few at a time. They go well with almost everything! You can match them with your favorite jeans, or wear them with your favorite cocktail dress!




bangles-with-rhinestonesMix up the Sizes of Your Bangles

If you are not afraid to be a bit bold choose large sized bangles they are definitely very glamorous, and will dress up just about anything you decide to wear! You can wear a combination of small and large if you feel like wearing a lot of sparkles. Mix and match your rhinestone bangles.  Soft shades of pink and blue are very feminine and give you that extra glam for a big night out.  Don’t be afraid to “Dress it Up!”





bangles with rhinestonesBangles with Different textures, and Rhinestones

Not only try to mix up the sizes, and colours of your rhinestone bangles, but also try to find unique textures, and rhinestone sizes. Patterns are also available, which are fun to play with, especially if you tend to wear one tone clothing. A plain black dress with a colourful, patterned bangle will look great. Let the bangle be your statement piece.




snake bangleRhinestone Bangles with Personality

The snake bangle, and animal patterns like it are among some of the more creative of bangles, and even accessory pieces. If you are the creative fashion type, this style is for you! Silver and gold are high recommendations, but if you do a lot of searching you will be able to find other colours.

Have fun Rhinestone bangle shopping!


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